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    Over the next few weeks, we'll share expert tips to help you stay injury free while training for Bridge to Bridge on Sunday, August 25. 

    Tip #1: Build up endurance slowly

    Stay healthy so you can accomplish your running goals by ramping up your training gradually. 
    • Increase mileage no more than 10% per week
    • Training for distance? Increase long runs no more than 2 miles per week 
    • Incorporate rest days to allow for recovery and tissue repair. 

    Injury prevention tips provided by Meredith Bean, MD (Dignity Health Saint Francis Memorial Hospital | Center for Sports Medicine).

    Register now at bridgetobridge.com and be sure to stop by the Dignity Health booth on race day to ask questions of our sports medicine physicians and physical therapists. Plus, make to get your commemorative 43rd Bridge To Bridge poster and have it signed by the artist!